Variety of STEM activities

We offer personalized STEM courses to kids. Therefore, rather than just being consumers of technology, they learn to be creators of technology. Beyond the technical skills that the kids learn, our programs also build 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration in kids.


To start off the kids on their STEM skills journey, we introduce them to Coding where they learn to give instructions to machines to perform different actions. We use visual-programming languages like ScratchJr and Scratch to provide a solid coding foundation while also making it fun for the kids. As they become more advanced, they move on to text-based programming languages like Python.


Kids get to build and program robots to perform simple objectives like moving forward and turning around to more complex tasks like building Artificial Intelligence into their robotic programs. We provide a variety of robots for the kids to interact with, from simple floor robots (e.g. BeeBots) to more advanced robots like the Makeblock mBot and LEGO Mindstorm EV3.

Web Development

Our programs focus on front-end web development for kids. They are first exposed to the basics of HTML and CSS, and then they are immersed in more advanced web programming languages such as JavaScript.

...and many more

Our goal is to expose kids to as much technology as we can. Therefore, kids also learn about other forms of technology like Electronics, Drones, Virtual Reality, and many more.