Practical Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) skills for kids aged 6 - 18 years


To provide the African child with access to quality STEM Education.


To grow technological interest in students through practical training.

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Delivery Modes

Our STEM Training Programs are packaged and delivered using different methods targeted at different audiences
including schools, parents, and educational institutions

Our Courses

We offer STEM courses such as Coding, Robotics, and Web Design to the younger generation with the hope that
they will someday put Nigeria and Africa in the spotlight of technological advancement.


From visual-based programming languages like Scratch to text-based programming languages like Python.


Learn how to program robots to follow lines, avoid obstacles, and run through mazes!

Web Development

Design websites using HTML and CSS and then program them with JavaScript.

Our goal is to spark in children an interest in technology which will enable them to compete globally in this Age of Technology.

To achieve this goal, our courses follow a "learning by doing" approach which means that we place a huge emphasis on hands-on, practical-based learning.

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