Practical Technology skills for kids aged

6 - 18 years


To drive the economy of Nigeria forward through Technology.


To grow technological interest in students through practical training.

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Our STEM Training Programs are packaged and delivered using different methods targeted at different audiences
including schools, parents, and educational institutions

Our Courses

We offer two course tracks: General Track and Specializations
The General Track is made up of three course: Exposure, Comfortable, and Advanced.

Exposure Course.

If your child has not had any coding experience, start with the Exposure Course.

Comfortable Course.

If your child knows how to use Scratch or any other programming language/software, then start with the Comfortable Course.

Advanced Course

If your child knows about Robotics and is comfortable using Scratch or any other programming language/software, then enroll him/her for the Advanced Course.

We also offer specialized courses which provide kids with the opportunity to focus on one aspect of Technology.

Kids need to have advanced-level knowledge before they can enroll in one of our specializations. Advanced level knowledge can be gotten by going through our General Track or a similar training program (or self-study).

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