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Our Story

Back in 2016, a year after the birth of my first child, I thought about what Nigeria holds for her future. I wasn’t pleased with the answer to my thoughts. Not only does the Nigerian Education system place too much emphasis on Theoretical Academics at the expense of practical skills, the curriculum being taught in schools is also largely outdated.

At the same time, the world has become very technology focused and dependent. Nigeria on the other hand still places too much focus on her Crude Oil without developing her other sectors such as Manufacturing, Production and Technology.

The issue is that the rest of the world is not waiting for us - they are already looking for ways to develop their children technologically. Sadly, these are the kids our children will be competing with not just in the future but from now on.

In the light of these, I decided to contribute my quota rather than keep whining about the issues. So, I started a Tech Club in a school where Secondary School students learnt the basics of Computer Networking. I quickly discovered that we need to scale this idea to reach more kids and that’s how Dhack Institute was born.

To achieve our aim of filling the Technology gap in Nigeria, we deliver STEM courses such as Coding, Robotics, and Web Design to the younger generation, kids aged between 6 and 18 years old. This basically covers the entire Primary and Secondary School spectrum.

Visit our Delivery modes page to learn more about how we deliver our programs.

- Adeolu Owokade, Founder