New Opening: STEM Learning Facilitator

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January 24, 2018
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New Opening: STEM Learning Facilitator

Dhack Institute STEM Learning Facilitator

Role: STEM Learning Facilitator
Type: Full-time/Permanent
Start Date: May 2019
Monthly Salary: N50,000


At Dhack Institute, our goal is to spark in children an interest in technology which will enable them to compete globally in this Age of Technology. We do this not only for the children but also with the hope that they will someday put Nigeria and Africa in the spotlight of technological advancement.

To achieve our goal, we offer STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) courses such as Coding, Robotics, and Web Design to the younger generation, kids aged between 6 and 18 years old. Our courses follow a “learning by doing” approach which means that we place a huge emphasis on hands-on, practical-based learning.

We are looking for a Learning Facilitator to join our growing team on a full-time basis. This person will be directly involved in raising the next generation of tech-savvy professionals as she will be responsible for developing and delivering STEM content for our partners.


  • Development and continuous enhancement of STEM-based resources to be used by our partners (schools, teachers, parents, kids)
  • Facilitate learning (i.e. delivery of content) for our partners and participants in our programs
  • Track, measure, and provide feedback (e.g. reports) on the development of learners
  • Research on new methods and approaches to STEM learning


  • Ability to think critically with great problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Willing to learn new things especially in the area of Technology
  • Good use of office suite applications (e.g. word processing, spreadsheets, presentations)
  • Computer science skills (e.g. Coding, Web design) not compulsory but a plus
  • Attention to detail
  • Can travel locally as the need arises
  • NYSC members also welcome

How to Apply

To apply, send the following to

  • A one-page report (in PDF) about the following: Looking at the Nigerian Education sector and the space Dhack Institute plays in, highlight ONE challenge you think is facing this Education sector and describe how Dhack Institute can be part of the solution to this challenge.
  • A video of yourself teaching any topic of your choosing. You can make a video about any topic of interest to you as long as the video can be shown to a 7-year old and he/she will understand what you are teaching. You do not have to make a professional quality video (phone camera is fine) but please keep it formal and under 5 minutes.
  • Your CV

Please send in your submissions by Sunday, March 24, 2019. You can submit by sending an email to with the attachments, or a link to your entries on a cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive). If using the second option, kindly ensure that “anyone” can view your entries.

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