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January 5, 2018
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Open Source STEM Teacher Training

dhack institute weekend tech club

dhack institute weekend tech club

One of the goals of Dhack Institute is to improve upon the ICT/Computing Curriculum being taught to the Nigerian student. As such, it is to our advantage to open source the curriculum we use for our teacher training because the more teachers (and schools) that are trained in what we do, the easier it becomes for our goal to be achieved.We also do this for a more selfish reason. By opening up our teacher training curriculum, the quality of teachers that apply for roles in our organization will be improved. This is because before you can be invited for an interview, you must have gone through our teacher training curriculum (self-study) and be able to show that you have understood and can apply all you have learnt.

Basic Training

The courses that we offer fall under several categories including Coding, Robotics, Web design, and Electronics. To join our organization, you need to at least be fluent enough in our type of Coding. Now, don’t be scared. Being fluent in the type of coding we teach does not mean you must be a Software Developer. In fact, you don’t need to have had any formal training in any programming language; you only need to be smart, willing to learn and be able to think logically.

code studio

Code Studio by Code.org

To overcome the perceived fear of coding in kids (and adults), we start with visual programming languages, which like the name says, allow you to ‘write’ code using drag-and-drop programming blocks. You can find some resources to get you started here:

  • Code.org: A good course to start with is Course B. If you decide to set yourself apart by learning more programming concepts, you can continue with more advanced courses.
  • Scratch: Scratch is a free visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab. It allows for a lot of flexibility with what can be done, from creating games to making stories and even controlling some types of hardware. You can use Scratch online or download the offline version. There’s a good online course that takes you through the basics of Scratch here.

If you want to work with us, you will also be required to have basic knowledge of Web Design i.e. how to build a simple website. There are several free online courses that can help with this including:

Going the extra mile

Eventually, the kids will outgrow visual programming languages like Scratch and it becomes time for them to move on to text-based programming languages that are used in the real world.So if you want to go the extra mile, learn about Python and JavaScript. There are several free courses on both languages online. A good web search will uncover them.

Even though having the skills listed under this section are not compulsory to work with us, they will give you an edge over those who don’t during the selection process.

Even if you are not planning to work with us

While the tone of this article has been mostly directed at those who will like to work with us, anyone can use the materials here to improve their computing skills especially for those who teach ICT in primary and/or secondary schools.

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