General Track

Rather than just being consumers of technology, the kids learn to be creators of Technology. The general track offers three different stages in increasing level of skill and difficulty.
  • Exposure (6 years+): This is the first stage and offers an introduction to Computer Science and Technology in general. The kids will be introduced to Coding using a visual programming interface specifically developed for their age. They will also learn the foundations of Robotics including features like Line Tracking and Obstacle Detection. They will also use Scratch which is a visual programming interface that allows anyone to create games, stories and more. Finally, the kids will be introduced to Drone Technology as drones are becoming a huge part of our world today.
  • Comfortable (9 years+): Once the kids have been exposed to Technology, they will go deeper in their learning experience by programming robots to do whatever they want the robots to do. They will also get to build their first website by being introduced to Web Design (HTML and CSS).
  • Advanced (13 years+): In this course, the kids are introduced to Python which is programming language used to create real world applications. Python is used by organizations like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and even NASA!

Which course should my child start with?

  • If your child has not had any coding experience, start with the Exposure Course.
  • If your child knows how to use Scratch or any other programming language/software, then start with the Comfortable Course.
  • If your child knows about Robotics and is comfortable using Scratch or any other programming language/software, then enroll him/her for the Advanced Course.


We also offer specialized courses which provide kids with the opportunity to focus on one aspect of Technology.

Kids need to have advanced-level knowledge before they can enroll in one of our specializations. Advanced level knowledge can be gotten by going through our General Track or a similar training program (or self-study).

  • Electronics: Learn about electronics and hardware programming e.g. Arduino.
  • Robotics: Build and program complex LEGO robots.
  • Web Development: Learn the programming language of the Web - JavaScript.